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PHANTACEA began as a 6-issue comic book series written and published by Jim McPherson between the years 1977 and 1980. A large number of artists, most of them Canadian and/or based in Vancouver Canada at the time, contributed to PHANTACEA. They included Dave Sim, Gordon Parker, Sean Newton, Ian Bateson, Peter Lynde, Richard Sandoval, Carl Muecke, Verne Andrusiek (later Verne Andru), Gene Day, Vince Marchesano, Tim Hammell, Reg Klassen and George Freeman. Lynx to much more on the comic books start here.helMoonPrePub

In 1986, Jim McPherson wrote and published PHANTACEA Phase One. Only one issue was published. The cover art was by Ian Bateson, who also redrew some of the Dave Sim artwork from PHANTACEA One. A backup feature was drawn by Ian Fry, in his first work as a comic book artist. Cover enlargement is here.

In 1990, Jim McPherson published "Forever & 40 Days - The Genesis of PHANTACEA". The graphic novel aspect of this PHANTACEA Mythos print publication was written by Jim McPherson. It collected all the backup features initially intended for the Phase One project. Interior artwork was by Ian Fry. The cover was by Ian Bateson, in part working from a design by Jim McPherson and Ian Fry.

From 1996 until the present day, Jim McPherson has been writing, designing and publishing pH-Webworld (also known as PHANTACEA on the Web and/or the PHANTACEA Mythos Online). Among the many attractions of this expansive website are photo essays and illustrations prepared by Jim McPherson. Many of these last are collages incorporating photographs he has taken on his various travels. Its main menu is here.

Jim McPherson serialized a number of full-length novels, mini-novels and short stories featuring the PHANTACEA Mythos on pH-Webworld. The "Web-Wheaties" aspect of Phantacea lasted ten years, from roughly 1996/7 to 2007/8, whereupon he established Phantacea Publications as the primary outlet for PHANTACEA-related material. In addition to print publications, Phantacea Publications has released e-books and interactive PDFs for downloading in a variety of formats. Ordering lynx to most of what remains available for purchase online are here.

Launch 1980 advisement re Goddess Gambit; original artwork Verne Andru, adjustment by Jim McPhersonFrom 2008 to 2012, Jim McPherson wrote and published an epic fantasy trilogy whose overall title was The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories. The three novels making it up were Feeling Theocidal(2008), The 1000 Days of Disbelief (2010/11) and Goddess Gambit (2012). 1000-Daze came out as three mini-novels:  The Death’s Head Hellion (2010), Contagion Collectors (2010) and Janna Fangfingers (2011).

Beginning with The War of the Apocalyptics (2009) and concluding with Nuclear Dragons (2013) and Helios on the Moon (2014), Jim McPherson novelized the original comic book series from start to finish. Each of these complete-unto-themselves story sequences began with the launching of the Cosmic Express on the last day of November 1980, hence its overall title Launch 1980.

Hel-Moon contains a surprise addendum to The Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories fantasy trilogy that leads into the next series of novels, tentatively entitled ‘Damnation – Year One – After Limbo’. Eventually most of the characters who survived the Launch storyline, and a few who seemingly didn’t, will attempt to survive this storyline. The first entry in this sequence, Decimation Damnation, some of which haa already been serialized in pH-Webworld, should be available late in 2015.

The thus far two-part Phantacea Revisited series of graphic novels, "The Damnation Brigade" and "Cataclysm Catalyst", collect entire story sequences from the original Phantacea comic books and the Phantacea Phase One project. Much of the wildly divergent, multi-character, epic-length 'Launch 1980' story cycle novelizes in far greater detail episodes first visualized in this series.

Although scripts exist, there are currently no plans to produce a third Revisited graphic novel containing never reprinted material from Phantacea 1-4 and a concluding sequence set on the Moon and in New Weirworld. However, plans are afoot to publish a watermarked PDF containing the complete “Ringleader’s Revenge” web serial to be downloadable exclusively from the pH-Webworld website.

All of this material is available for review dependent on request. Previews and excerpts from many of these books can be found online via Google Books, and Drive Thru Fiction/Comics here and/or here. Additional lynx to excerpts from the books and graphic novels can be found starting here.

Earlier pHanta-Histories are here, here and here. pH-Webworld's original pHistory can (sort of) be found on pHantaBlog's pHantAbout page.


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pink anheroic fantasy logo

Double click for enlargement of Pink Anheroic Fantasy pHlogo

yellow anheroic logo

Double click for enlargement of marbled On the Web pHlogo


Double click for enlargement of blue business card with Anheroic Fantasy pHlogo

labrys with demon knife logo

Double click for enlargement of Sun-Moon pHlogo; the Labrys Demon Knife logo double-clicks here

Hel-Moon promo based on pH-3 cover by Richard Sandoval, 1978

Original 2013 promo for "Helios on the Moon"

Double-click is black and white version of Richard Sandoval's 1978 cover for pH-3

2014 promo for Helios on the Moon novel, artwork by Ricardo Sandoval, 2014

2014 promo for "Helios on the Moon" utilizing figures found on Ricardo Sandoval's 2014 artwork for the novel's front cover

Double-click is its back cover without text, artwork also by Sandoval, 2014; graphical variations and some notes on the back cover characters are here and here

Launch 1980 advisement re Goddess Gambit; original artwork Verne Andru, 2013/4; adjustment by Jim McPherson, 2014

It's true, the novel version of 'Hel-Moon' eventually does carry on from where Goddess Gambitleft off; then again it does a ditto from where 'War-Pox' and 'Nuck-Drags' do, too; artwork by Verne Andru, 2013/4, who also did Gambit's cover, which just happens to be the double-click

The graphic derives from a polarized background best seen here; it double-clicks here; more on it here, complete with a nifty backdrop of its own

Original Launch 1980 promo; artwork from covers of two Phantacea Revisited covers

Original 'Launch 1980' promo; artwork from covers of two Phantacea Revisited graphic novels: "The Damnation Brigade" by Ian Bateson, 2012, & "Cataclysm Catalyst" by Verne Andru, 2013/14

Double-click for the full poster with covers for all three entries in the 'Launch 1980' story cycle

Nihila face in northern lights

Double-click for enlargement of the Borealis Brolly background, the Freespirit Nihila figure is by Verne Andru, 2013/14, adjustments by Jim McPherson, 2012-2014; Serendipity entry on said Borealis Brolly; Devils Described usage of same background; pHantallanea pHorever dot-ditto, albeit with a slightly different graphic and double-click

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There may be no cure for aphantasia (defined as 'having a blind or absent mind's eye') but there certainly is for aphantacea ('a'='without', like the 'an' in 'anheroic')

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